Teaching Lifesaving Skills - Giving At-Risk Kids the Gift of Swim Safety

Teaching Every Child the Life Skill of Swimming"


My name is Nicole Rivera and as the founder of this organization, my fundamental belief is that every child has the right to feel safe and have independence in an aquatic environment.

  • I have devoted my career to teaching infants and children how to swim using the revolutionary Miniswimmer method. It is incredibly rewarding to watch their confidence and aquatic skills blossom at such a young age. I know I am saving lives by ensuring they can float.
  • My vision is to make water safety and swimming proficiency a standard for all kids. That is why our foundation not only provides affordable lessons and scholarships to underserved communities, but also trains more Miniswimmer instructors, equipping them with tools to teach these invaluable skills.
  • Together, we can create a multiplier effect so that more and more children have the same opportunities to safely enjoy the water. This is the impact that drives our meaningful work

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